Lindsay Ragsdale

My three personality traits: hopeless romantic, cry baby, and dumb bitch.

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I'm Okay
2 months ago
Here I am, it's 1 AM and my depression inches its way to the surface again, declaring not to be ignored. It crept through like the unsolicited advice from a stranger that manages to break through all of the defenses you've put in motion in effort to be unreachable. Here I sit in this deafening silence that is far too noisy for me to comprehend a single thought as they race through my mind. I saunter my way down the main pathway that leads to the shoreline. I think about how it would be to take a...
This Can't Be How It Ends
2 months ago
It's been nine days since I last felt your lips on mine. It was passionate and greedy. I always admired the way you kissed me, as if it was never enough. It's been nine days since I felt your touch. I...