Life's Perceptual Poetry

Symbolic and Metaphorical Poetry of our day-to-day lives. Perceptual only through our own Imagination.

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Among the Shadows
3 days ago
Verse I: As I walk barefoot on this field of thorns, Each of my losses is your personal gain. Though you wish to bring me further down, I rise up from these ashes of yesterday Like a Phoenix Pre-Choru...
3 days ago
Verse I: As darkness seems to envelope your life Let me be your Beacon Your Beacon of Hope Pre-Chorus: Like ships are guided through storms by a Lighthouse, find my love, my loyalty, while you weather...
4 days ago
Verse 1: Ha. It's funny how history repeats Over Over and Over again. As the World Pleads Pre Chorus: Technology is now, Technology is now, Technology is now, As Humanity dwindles in the absence of re...
5 days ago
Verse I: As These Tears Pour Out Through these Fractured Irises Hope is Captured. Pre-Chorus: These Shattered Eyes, These Scattered Sights, All Seem to become One As this Spectrum Forms Chorus: Colors...
A Million Steps
5 days ago
Verse I: Life Is Never a Fairy Tale Sometimes it can be Though let's all be honest Most of our Lives are consumed by Hardships. Pre-Chorus: Though Strength is won through Pain That's what my mama alwa...
5 days ago
Verse I: As I hear your empty words that threaten the well-being of my heart, My Love is still Dispelled as my Innocence is Taken Pre-Chorus: Without a Trace, Without a Trace, Happiness seemingly Fade...