L. E. King

Graduated from SHSU with a BFA in Theatre Studies. 

My goal: finding my way in this world with just my laptop and a suitcase full of cliches.  

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But Not a Drop to Drink
2 years ago
at the grocery store patience is a virtue 15 items or less I just needed water One family Three baskets full refugees or volunteers? let them go ahead register Six opens jump to a new line One person ...
The Invitation
2 years ago
I'm throwing a party. There will be: 1. Violently colored balloons shaped like middle fingers. 2. Moist cake with rainbow glitter and the words "fuck it" written in impecable cursive writing I call it...
The Fixer
2 years ago
Swirling storm of water and foam impeccably designed to eradicate unwanted life. The water is boiling, and wears away at layers of grease. Disinfecting. Destroying. The process is whirling and unfurli...
2 years ago
The black I remember the taste of it Dripping off your tongue Burning into our flesh Like a sickness To have green pastures To count the chickens Before you see the yolk I don't miss the black I don't...