Kelly Mcaulley

an actor and writer, native of New York. 

The Bachelor Life
2 months ago
THE BACHELOR LIFE My ex boyfriends got a boyfriend My ex boyfriends found a man My ex boyfriends got a boyfriend Who hates me, though he’s never met me At least that’s what I think He’ll never be what...
6 months ago
I think I can take it I've been training So I'm prepared And here I am like I don't care First position I'm in the wrong I'm in the right I'm in the middle, I put up a fight I start to panic My mind a...
Holographic Hearts
10 months ago
HOLOGRAPHIC HEARTS i'm more fragile than one can comprehend i butter you up and apologize all over again its a continuous cycle that i'm growing tired of, myself its contributing negative factors to m...
Away from the Dance Floor
10 months ago
I've lost all feeling I've got no rhythm But sometimes It comes back in an instant So I get up to the dance floor Into the spotlight But something doesn't feel right They're all waiting Just make a mo...
Dizzy Spells
10 months ago
The longer I lay here I can feel it It makes my skin crawl And I feel sick With background noises Back and forth, stuck, “tick, tock, tick ..” I’m beginning to lose it The life I'm choosing A battle I...
Out Loud
10 months ago
got to think quickly how to explain this one but here it goes i'm in a full blown panic mode stop me if you've heard this one before it's not my fault there's a difference between an excuse and a lie ...