Kelly Madeleine Ortiz

Aspiring to be whom God wants me to become, aspiring O.T.A; amateur dancer, & writer. Wishing to create, & invite you to my world. 

Welcome, please do stay and have a cup of tea with me.^^ 

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An Unwanted Being
9 months ago
What did I ever do to deserve such a pain? Such a pain that would cause chaos under my skin. To have my family incomplete like a puzzle. Still, I'm trying to hold on to see if I can just solve the DAM...
9 months ago
The days seem longer, since you are not around Clothed by this solitude; a darkness invades me. Since my sun only sets, and my moon never wakes. Fire burns within my soul, Aching every inch of my frai...
My Dear
9 months ago
If you only knew, how much I truly miss you my dear. What I would give to dismiss the distance and have you near. Close enough to embrace you, kiss you, touch you, feel you, and whisper sweet things i...
A Beauty Like Hers
9 months ago
A melodic, porcelain complexion - one as she. Such serene beauty, what existence of pure bliss! Oh, how lovely she is. Indeed, true beauty such as hers can never be... a forbidden fruit, that's what s...
Under A Spell
9 months ago
Descending from the morning light Caressing with mine eyes to everything in sight. Absorbing anything within grasp. Waiting once again for the darkness to fall. Wishing it never has to leave...
9 months ago
Lost within her soul Groped by the darkness as a whole Colored lights streaming through Trying to scope for happiness in morning's dew Slowly the heart begins to - die When it does, it shall be the fi...