kadee grace

I am a ghostwriter/freelancer and have written hundreds of novels/novellas for clients who wish to become published authors. I write in many genres including love & romance, western romance, crime, drama and thriller.

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Daughter… Mother
2 months ago
There Is Something Wrong
7 months ago
There is something wrong when good marriages end it happens all the time, and over again the world's messed up and on the wrong track it lives regrets and can't take things back We say "I do" and it m...
Thunder and Lightning Strikes
7 months ago
as the thunder booms the world fills with its dooms as the lightning strikes there's trouble in our nights It has happened before behind our closed doors When we are tucked in at night feeling all saf...
The Rivers Run
7 months ago
He rolls over in the night places a kiss upon her cheek trying to be so very quiet pulls back the covers to take a peek as she lies there in her tender sleep he knows right then that this one's for ke...
Such a Pretty Sight
7 months ago
a pretty sight, we all are all separated by afar one in Florida never coming home one in town can't come around two down the road one speaks untruth the other knows no better and you you sit there on ...
Something About Gary
7 months ago
There's something about Gary we knew right from the start that this friend in our life will always have our heart We know we'll never let go of the memories he gave they lie deep in our heart for us t...