Jody Meadus

A lover of writing words that rhyme. I hope you enjoy my poems 

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The Flame
2 years ago
The flame As the flame flickers, I look deep in its core Hypnotic as I watch the dance My mind mediated as it plays with my eyes Its warmth touches me as I relax under the cold sky With a spit and cac...
The Man
2 years ago
I sit I read, I sit I think, About the life of a man on the brink, I sit I think, I see myself, Being crushed by depression's touch, I sit I read, I sit I think, About the man and what he dreamt, I si...
Because I Love You
2 years ago
Because I Love You I open up my eyes again, I seem to have found another friend, looking up to the sky I see, another world in front of me, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more darkness invading my b...