Jessica Rasile

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Zia Lena
2 days ago
I miss you. Each day a little more than the one before it. 4 years, I can't believe it's been that long. Where has the time gone? I sit and look back on all the things you've missed. Things you should...
Jumped Ship
3 days ago
He doesn't bother to check in on her often anymore, but she doesn't care. She takes whatever crumbs he tosses her way. She always has and she always will, cause she loves him. I have no idea why or ho...
The Urge to Purge
7 days ago
It burns, as it slips slowly down my throat. I can feel it making it's way down into my stomach and settling there. The alcohol. It runs through my blood like water rolling down stream. It's consuming...
Nothing Like Those Other Girls
9 days ago
I'm nothing like those other girls. I'm not the prettiest or fairest of them all. I'll never be nominated by some mirror mirror on the wall. I don't act like a lady, I don't cross my legs when I sit, ...
Times Are Tough
10 days ago
The struggle is real, for us so called millennials. Desperately trying to live in a world so devastated by poverty and greed that we cripple under the pressure. We are so ruined as a people that most ...
Sept. 25, 2016
12 days ago
I can feel my heart breaking more and more with each second that passes. The gnawing feeling in my gut that something is wrong, grows with each breath I take. I know. Deep down I know it’s coming. The...