Jessica Rasile

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To Love Him
4 months ago
I asked myself What was it like to fall in love with him? And the answer wasn’t as obvious as you’d think It wasn’t because of his eyes, although they saw right through me It wasn’t his smile, althoug...
Good-Bye 2017
6 months ago
The year is almost over, soon it will be at its end. I'm leaving 2017 behind along with many friends. I've had my share of ups and downs, found myself lost and then been found. I've grown, I've learne...
8 months ago
Sometimes, I think the fact that we were ever born at all, is the cruelest joke that ever existed. To live only to die, for what? Most of us walk around in our shoes, day after day, on auto-pilot. Bar...
My Own Worst Enemy
9 months ago
I'm my own worst enemy, constantly sabotaging the people I hold close to me. I create this vicious reality in my mind and I start to swell in it, thinking that it's real. My own mind is my biggest com...
Zia Lena
9 months ago
I miss you. Each day a little more than the one before it. 4 years, I can't believe it's been that long. Where has the time gone? I sit and look back on all the things you've missed. Things you should...
Jumped Ship
9 months ago
He doesn't bother to check in on her often anymore, but she doesn't care. She takes whatever crumbs he tosses her way. She always has and she always will, cause she loves him. I have no idea why or ho...