JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin lives in the Portland, OR metro area and runs a small publishing company.

JA Laflin loves to write everything from fiction to music to comics, occasionally creating visual art as well.

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Stardust and Wanderlust
14 days ago
I'm lost, stuck on this rock, swirling sea of dust and wanderlust Fighting my upper crust to get to the molten core, the roar Of failures exploding in my subconscious, they mock this Raucous shanty of...
a month ago
Insulating, encapsulating my thoughtforms Defy norms, intern me in dorms, compartmentalize Idolize the peace behind its eyes, its wrath its rage its fury The world blurs, deters me from sight It rolls...
The Fine Print
8 months ago
Flying wildly through foliage Through the spruce and the fir Through the eternal green A dark figure evades my glimpse Eyes wild and kind Dark and intoxicating Wrapped in shadow Is it man or animal or...
The Troll
8 months ago
Night, broken cars and frozen stars Dank memes stashed in deeper means with meaningless seams and seemingly meaningless reams of digital paper Trapped in capers meant to be solved, evolved and revolvi...