J M Hunter

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Mister Man
2 months ago
He was waiting for me as I got off the plane. In earthy day-wear he looked rugged, relaxed; sure of himself, you know? Like he'd never had to work for it. Stick with me, baby, I'll make you, baby; And...
Dragonfly Sonnet
2 months ago
Dragonfly Fairy creature, light as dust and mist; With wings of tulle you beat unstirring air; Chromatic jewel by varied nature kissed; Cloisonné eyes glint Gaia's verdant fayre. Sprung from paper cra...
The Gypsy
a year ago
Ruddy-cheeked, spine like steel, she sits in the shadow Of Our Lady resolute as the gargoyles. Cold as stone, Clutching her cup, I watch as she waves it fruitlessly, Swallowed by the crowd. They are a...
The Bug
a year ago
There's a tiny dark corner, it's safe and it's warm Nestled deep in the heart of my soul, And to there I go when horror and harm Threaten, mock and cajole. There's a tired old lady in a dark lonely ro...
To E.C.M
a year ago
Blank pages in the album, one less frame on the wall Solitary hands protect when I fall, Silent pain in her eyes, she sees you in me A few years of joy, now a life penalty. She says I was your treasur...
Phantom Bump
a year ago
When we began those weekly tangos, you and I, when we matched pummel for pummel, pound for pound, our dauntless flesh blending with flesh, the virile fibres slick with rage, When we flashed from rope ...