Heather Climer

A chaotic combination of music, molecules, color and curiosity. Fueled by no small amount of caffeine, I find inspiration in the world around me, and do my best to represent my reality.

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15 days ago
Do not come to me With promises painted pretty Do not come to me Reflecting the stars old light They steal the warmth To feed apathetic atrophy Do not come to me Looking to bask in the halation of my ...
17 days ago
I used to ache For someone to catch me For I fall often With abandon Call it reckless I call it living I used to ache For someone to fall Hopelessly, Madly Into my gravity I wanted to get lost In anot...
18 days ago
I have come all this way And I will stand this ground I used to think It was my duty To offer my honey To every withered soul To pour my love Into the depths Of those Who forgot They were limitless An...
21 days ago
I fell once To my knees All I could see A blur of white and green Holes in my head Holes ripped through my heart A battle of Love Fought and lost Sacrifice on the line Through fractured time A sacrifi...
25 days ago
I asked Silence What was reason Is it the same as meaning? Surely, it couldn't be. This meaning Beating Wild in this chest What reason Would exist To keep this meaning So shy? Do we curl in around our...
No Man's Land
a month ago
I had kept my hands Holding on To things Bound in illusion I kept my heart Locked in a case Hoping You would recognize My face I kept this tongue Still in your Silence Hoping You would hear my song I ...