Heather Climer

A chaotic combination of music, molecules, color and curiosity. Fueled by no small amount of caffeine, I find inspiration in the world around me, and do my best to represent my reality.

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Tango of Soul
10 months ago
I'll sit here and listen for your whisper. A shift in vibration swirling like sand on the breeze...somewhere hidden- Resting in the deep. We've been glancing by each other too long, and I've noticed t...
a year ago
As I sit here, I am reminded to listen to the trees. To feel the pulse of their breath within my bones. To watch the shimmer of their existence as the leaves turn to vibrant hues of red, orange, yello...
a year ago
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I will paint you a story. A story of a heart that knew no bounds, but created them nonetheless. Why, you ask? Why take the endless potential of creatio...
a year ago
I have a crack in my heart. Carved from a longing that knows no bounds And these grooves worn deep from sorrow only ache in this liminality. When nothing seems right, and time slips through our finger...
A Story
a year ago
Let me tell you a story. Of a wayward girl, with stardust in her hair On her face, a map of the world. She walks between the rays of the setting sun, Her feet gentle on the Earth, whispering lullabies...
a year ago
The words have taken a hiatus. Oceans rolling under my skin Waves of wounds undone within And my boat is tossed on this sea I have an idea... And that's all that's left of me. So please be patient as ...