Gabi Dennerlein

Hi, I'm Gabi! Welcome to my profile :) I’m an aspiring story and poem writer who puts her experiences and thoughts down for people to read and understand what isn’t usually talked about. Enjoy and drop a tip while you’re at it ;)

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I Am Happy
5 months ago
I put up a wall With a sturdy base One that blocks my emotions From being shown To those Who ask “What’s wrong?” To those Who tell me to “Let them in,” A while ago The wall Didn’t exist Not even a bri...
Fits Like a Glove
6 months ago
Your love Fits like a glove. With each thread Sewn Delicately To fit my Warm and Welcoming hand. Sometimes, A string comes loose. I struggle to thread the piece back into its Designated spot. Most day...
Behind My Back
7 months ago
It’s the feeling you get When someone goes Behind your back. They take a knife And drive it Through your spine. When someone Takes butterflies And shoves them Down your throat, Wrenching them all the ...