Erin Winans

Hello! I'm Erin and I'm a recent graduate from James Madison University. Ultimately, my dream job is to become a film critic, so I made a personal blog in which I post reviews I write in my free time. 

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I Knew I Wasn’t the One for You
6 months ago
Your soft hands freeze on the way to hers because you’re not free to give touches like that. The tightness of clenched fists block out any emotion so my cold hands are left to tremble in sync with my ...
A Silent Phone
a year ago
Each weekend, I’m left to my own thoughts, always wondering what people are doing. It’s just the norm now, being trapped in my own suffocating habitat. In the wild I see people and we exchange pleasan...
Skydiving in Vermont
a year ago
As my legs breach past the door of the little plane that seems to be held together by duct tape, I hesitate. My feet shoot right, as the wind dictates my control and I’m left to watch it plummet. It’s...
a year ago
Walking through the moshpit of people, the thick, congestible smoke came forth, summoned by a hollow feeling— an empty body. Only the destined, dark fog approaches, encircling me like a hug, An entity...
Nectar From The Bean
a year ago
Swirls of sensations dance on my tongue as sweet delight fills me. The rhythmic pounding that was trapped in my brain edges away. Each sip—a rejuvenating relief and I am able to see in HD, to hear the...
Dear Writer's Block
a year ago
The ink pond continues to grow at your command, occupying the space dedicated to my voice that chokes no matter how much I beckon something to come out. Just when I think the edges of the liquid waste...