Elizabeth Adolphi

As a child I had a flair for the dramatic; as an adult, the flair has turned into a subtle, yet continuous hum. I love to see the world through different scopes and to tell stories based on the takeaway. Cheers!

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Song of the Sirens
6 months ago
Sleep beckons me as the sirens of old drew in their prey; their voices beguiling each man to become their slave. Freewill ceased to exist once the first cord was heard; what draws me to sleep as if I'...
I Know Who You Are
9 months ago
Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? What makes the universe think my life is better by having you in it? Why can't you just let me be free of your shackles? When did you turn into my master a...
Once Again
9 months ago
Once again my heart is tried; Once again I saw joy that could not hide. Once again the stark cold of reality splashes my face; Once again I must chose the winning path of the race. Once again I though...
Folly of the Lilies
10 months ago
To those whom have gone before me, I beseech you; Take a moment out of your 'perfect', busy lives; Stop what you are doing and go to your window. Set your gaze on the images passing before you; Look! ...
Forgotten Tears
10 months ago
Alone with my thoughts the world is caving in on me; Letter by letter, my thoughts unravel and swirl around me like a violent tornado. The violence of my unraveled thoughts makes me shudder and slip i...