Edkesha Anderson

A public admin doctoral student that freelances by night. Writing has always been a part of my life but I've only recently started to take it seriously. I write grants, research, and poetry. Hopefully, I will also add travel to the list.

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6 months ago
Ever been awakened by thoughts unknown Sleeping soundly while yearnings grow The absence of someone yet no one present Back to sleep you cannot go How can this be? You were sleeping so soundly Sleep s...
6 months ago
Love suppressed but never smothered Embers continue to burn Feelings hoarded and never shared Hearts continue to yearn Waiting Waiting Patiently waiting For him to look at me and see How his love for ...
Conversational Soul
6 months ago
Searching for love but settling for sex a broken heart hidden beneath my breast from past pains and lingering remorse finding love is no easy course. physical attraction is enough to pass the time emo...
We Are One
6 months ago
The world around me can be so harsh Killing those that look like me Brown skin, black skin, light skin, dark Without one ounce of remorse I wake each day to look at a reflection That is valued less by...
6 months ago
Craving connection but not understanding its meaning Latching onto another for physical reprieve but left hollow and emotionless, my soul careening You seek my body while I crave your soul and I'm lef...