Courtney Ridgeway

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The Tall Tale of “The Girl at the Bar”
5 months ago
Empty bottles of Pendelton decorate her bedroom floor, ever since that cowboy man walked out of her door. It's Friday night again so she gets up to get dressed, all the boys want her but she's hardly ...
The Good Cowboy
5 months ago
He's got a wide brim lid that rides on his dash, wears a bob berg cross and buckle and his pockets are deep in cash. Works both ends of the arena, he's an all around hand, if you can't get the job don...
Just Saying
5 months ago
Been cheated and done cheated and everything in between. He loves me, he loves me not- it's always the same old thing. Do wrong to others and get wrong done to you. Karma runs your love life, there's ...
Chasing Cans
5 months ago
Chasing new colts and chasing to train and trade. Chasing the sorrels, the blacks, and the bays. It don't matter the color as long as they got heart. She knows if they'll give it to run, she's off to ...
Living the Life of Loving a Rodeo Man
5 months ago
Pushing cattle all day from dawn to dusk, and when her cowboy rides away you can bet she’s left in the dust. He works all week to pass out on the couch while she’s laying alone in bed with her arms st...