C. Alphenia

C. Alphenia has been an educator, artist and life coach for over 12 years. She creates wood and metal sculptures and wall hangings. C. Alphenia strives to live a compassionate life by focusing on spiritual and emotional growth. 

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And so It Is
12 days ago
it was mainly a day to think, to ponder, to reason and wonder grasp at reality, pulling further away from this existence not away as in a task adverse away and towards pushing upwards and outwards eve...
12 days ago
It's weird to not recognize yourself But to know yourself The view shifted I'm at the very beginning New and old at the same time I see the millennia stretched out behind me Or is it /Are they In fron...
The Lull
12 days ago
This quiet REST LESS NESS that permeates the atmosphere Those in-be-tween days Marked by grey cold cloudless skies Not a flake Not a drop Simply grey upon grey languishing in the distance Waiting for ...