Autumn Brown

I'm a new author starting here to practice my writing. If you like what you read please share with friends on social media or send a tip if you wish:) Your support is always welcome.Thanks again!

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Way Out Where the Redwoods Grow
5 months ago
How magnificent those giants are! Towering tall in effort to reach a star. Sway gracefully in the breeze, Creaking ominously as the wind flees. Oh just to climb this enormous column! His poise is alwa...
Death: Two Ways
6 months ago
I sat despairingly in my dark and lonely room, thinking desperately of how to escape. All was quiet, eerily quiet. Though suddenly a harsh knocking on the door broke the silence. Warily stood and brus...
Things that Sing to Me
6 months ago
The sunny meadows, and the bright fields of glory. The trickling brook and its luxurious bed. The woodlands and its peaceful melody. And the mountain peaks with its breathtaking view. The beautiful su...
A Wonderful White World
6 months ago
The frigid wind twisted playfully around me, It was the Christmas season finally! A snowy blanket covered the fields white! Even the trees were quite the sight! The snow was so soft as I walked along,...
My Best Friend
6 months ago
There is no friend like my dog, He'll stick with me throughout fog. He snuggles with me in my bed at night Without me, he's quite a sight! All the day while I'm at work, he waits by the door To give m...
Beauty in the Forest
6 months ago
Nimbly I jogged along Far beneath the wild bird song. The trees around me big and tall I felt so small, like nothing at all! The moss beneath my feet felt furry I was in no mood to hurry. And though i...