Amanda Olejniczak

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I am currently in college majoring in English. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. From creating short fictional stories, to my very own memoir and poetry book.

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A Life Worth Living
2 months ago
I have taken blades and hot irons to my skin too many times to count. Being sick with Anorexia- Eating maybe half of what my body needed a day, And being severely depressed was my identity. I moved th...
Unwarranted Shame
5 months ago
I wonder if it’d be easier if I cried rainbows But instead I cry and the blackness from my mascara streams down my face Like if shame had a color. I stood across from my mother age 19 and tried to exp...
5 months ago
I was told to draw the face of a clock She wanted to make sure my brain was functioning properly I thought: I’m here again for having an eating disorder Of course it’s not functioning properly I took ...
5 months ago
Today I listened to a song that gripped me harder than the hands that were wrapped around my neck by the man who said he loved me the night before.“I gave it all and you gave me shit” Today I listened...
8 months ago
I’ve battled anxiety my whole life My mom tried everything she could think of To help me relax She would tell me, “Pretend we’re on a beach.” And I’d say, “But we’re not.” Clearly, I struggled with be...
8 months ago
“Home is where the heart is” right? Sometimes a house is not a home Mine certainly never was But sometimes you can find a home in another person And that absolutely terrifies me Because it means that ...