Alex Arfons

Hello, I'm Alex.

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2 months ago
Excuse me baby, I've been talking out my ass, just wanted this to last. Yeah. Yeah, Excuse me honey, I've been lying through my teeth saying you don't mean shit to me. I just had to see if it was real...
3 months ago
There is no easy way to mourn for the lost. Most popular methods produce too high of a cost. The "healthiest" way (they say) is to cry and eventually move forward with life. However I've come to find,...
Another Perspective
3 months ago
I guess life is just another obstacle. It's not a gift nor a curse. They say that it can't get much worse than earth. Well I, suppose they haven't really seen my work. So for that, I forgive their ign...
Two Kids
a year ago
Here's a story of two kids just trying to make it. Just trying to get it right. Just trying to make it through the night. Through all the pain and the pleasure, they never thought they'd have to lose ...