Adam Khamis

A truth speaker, a thought changer, change provoker. A poet, artist & entrepreneur building a new mindset for those searching for one. 

Instagram: ikifar_

Wake Up: Thoughts From An African Mind Liberated:

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Where Are Your Weapons?
3 days ago
Even as the debris hindered my movement The first drops from the lead shower appeared in our vicinity They washed the homes The star and moon children drowned in its metallic essence Scattered bones a...
Healing Scars yet Healing... Scars
11 days ago
Healing scars. -A masterpiece? Receive the master's peace. The chains of the past once bruised my ankles Ensuring I never moved Bonded to my spirit ensuring I never moved on They rattled with every st...
Breaking My Glasses
17 days ago
Like a bat walking in the daylight I assumed being blind was my biggest flaw Instead it became my greatest strength I rested my mind and bathed in the sun Feeling the ground beneath my bare feet Conne...
An Impatient Heart (Um Coração Impaciente)
18 days ago
The sun’s waking brings that odious sound to my ears, Calm but loud... As my heart wakes up, so do my greatest fears (Here we go again) Looking at my first meal, it’s not enough Sleeping hours are nev...
Conversations with God(s)?
18 days ago
Dear God: How are you today? Yeah I know, it’s been a while since we last talked I remember the last time I tried, you dusted me off like chalk But see how far I walk without you holding my hand I kno...