Abigail Wadsworth

Abigail Wadsworth is a first time writer who lives in Durand, Michigan. She has freshly graduated high school and stayed with the marching band as their photographer. She inspires to bring hope and adventure to her readers.

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I Will Rise Again
2 months ago
I’m burning from the inside out All of my emotions filling up the bottle It just takes a little heat before I go up in flames Everyone thinks the fire kills but watch me prove them wrong First come th...
If Life's an Adventure
3 months ago
I've been lost for quite some time now Being found is a long gone dream for me Looking from the outside in and It looks a bit crowded now Out here I can spread out find out who it is I want to be If l...
The Sailor's Daughter
5 months ago
Some days I woke up without a thought that he was gone Not until I walked downstairs to see no boots at dawn It won’t matter to you if I even continue on But I’m the sailor's daughter, he taught me to...
The Things I've Done
5 months ago
I have done things Seen things Heard things I have ruined lives, or so I believe I wronged people when we were both too young to know I took their childhoods away as my own had been taken And now the ...
The Wrong Person
5 months ago
Things are set in stone I set him free with a push off the cliff of my own unannounced fears He fell farther than I wished I fell with him only he softened my fall He was crushed twice for my inabilit...
5 months ago
It’s as if I am invisible Forgotten and alone No one sees me No one hears me No one feels me enter a room I am the background character in all their lives Forgotten and unnamed Not needed in their sto...