Abby Griffith

Abby is a screenwriter and a poet who is inspired by love and loss. She lives in sunny California and spends her time developing new ideas, creating film, and hopping from one coffee shop to the next. 

IG: @abigail.ann

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I’m Trusting You
3 days ago
Just before I break the line I’m wondering when it’s time To stop being a little girl To start ruling the world I mean, just coming from me I feel like I’m In the in between I can’t start I can’t stop...
8 days ago
Cancer came in and changed my life forever For the worse not for the better I may be stronger I may be wiser I may be kinder I may be a fighter But I still lost it all I still felt the fall I lost it ...
8 days ago
I think about my future all the time I think about what I'm going to do I think about all the possibilities Cause damn I haven't got a clue I could travel the world With out a care Jumping from one co...