A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in California's San Joaquin Valley. He writes poetry, essays, horror fiction, and is the Editor-In-Chief at The Dead Walk.

He plays guitar for Held In Scorn and Mylee's Dying Wish.

Instagram @GhostxPoetry

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Surrounded in Stardust
8 hours ago
Our veins pulse and writhe. Details of our existence in close proximity. The music we create is the heaven you are recalling. The poetry we write is the scripture you've become inebriated with. When w...
We'll Make the World Explode
7 days ago
Hand in hand. Aura to aura. We'll acquire the strength to antagonize the Earth. Our essence compile to rid the palisades. Pieces of our lives that we once had before float through the dense air. Pushe...
In the Caverns of the Plague Doctors
a month ago
I’ve only been able to catch a glimpse of her. She resembles nothing save a fragmented silhouette of who she used to be. An emptiness in her eyes and gravel in her voice. It sets my teeth on edge. A v...
One Week's End
3 months ago
These tears won’t reach where she lays tonight. Encased in a crimson regret they lay. The nausea and dizziness have subsided… for now (though how long is that?) I wish I could build the undying, pure ...
Red Ink & Mended Hearts
4 months ago
The stars aligned on that day. Watching the memories float in solidarity. Wishing past endeavors into validity. There are parts of me you've yet to see. Unraveled is this passion. Disillusioned is thi...
Dark Divide
4 months ago
Every kiss comes with an escape clause. Every desire burns the horizons. Here I am, making the same mistakes again. But that's fine... I'll take all the blame, as you lay next to him. As you're runnin...