A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California. 

He writes and publishes surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, horror-fiction, and is the Editor-In-Chief at The Dead Walk.

He plays guitar for Held In Scorn.

Instagram = @GhostxPoetry

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Of Valiant Decree
a month ago
The dreariness of each coming morning is fractured by the tears veiling your pupils Bitter sentiments ring throughout your ears as you try and piece together the semblance of previous morning rituals ...
The Blackest of Hearts
2 months ago
I will arrive, Once I am done gathering the pieces left from past transgressions. I hold the end in my arms, And the rest shuffles into the wind. What have I become? Lead by a heart blacker than the s...
Remnants of Our Shadows
2 months ago
Under guidance not fully coherent with the masses, I tremble Tremble away guilt ridden lies and devious, malnourished amorous blessings Now that I've run out of tears, who will be there to console the...
The End We Will Never See
3 months ago
I tried to keep you near Our finger tips pressed and ached together, our grip slowly subsiding Along with your scent I once believed that soon it shall be But the jagged pieces of glass embedded withi...
Sea Breezes & Salted Wounds
3 months ago
You could have been Once encased within my embrace You could have ruled I write these words on parchment meant for the gods I will burn, ashes consumed with broken breaths Signs have been begged for F...
A Last Time for Everything
3 months ago
It's after midnight The cadence of your breathing is inebriating A chill cascades across the room I pull you closer The warmth emanating from our bodies marries underneath the covers The atmosphere of...