A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in Northern California. 

He writes and publishes Surreal Free Verse poetry, fiction, horror-fiction, and is the Editor-In-Chief at The Dead Walk.

He plays guitar for Held In Scorn.

Instagram = @AtraxMors

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Indigenous Lies
21 days ago
If she rubs her eyes the mascara smears leaving dark imprints with accents of fear When forming words with her tongue the consonants and vowels lash out dealings of despair All that's surely begun Mas...
At the Gates of Har Megiddo
a month ago
Breached! Heaven has been breached and ascension has begun The light and the dark struggle to decay each other Humanity fickle and inept fight with dark swords and black shields The Light Bearer bring...
Death in Pieces
a month ago
My soul is defined by death in pieces It hurts to love myself... how can I love another? I wish I could erase your pain I wish you hated me with feverish scorn I want you to beguile me and ridicule me...
Every Mourning
2 months ago
∞ The brilliance of the morning filled the room Light and airy the atmosphere expelled Every morning begins this way I feel a shift from the other side of the bed Light breathing of an angelic slumber...
Where Angels Fear to Tread
2 months ago
When she speaks her words expel genocide Indoctrination of the simple the weak the profane Our hands drip blood painting the Earth with crimson hues and convoluted lies Deprecation is our new reality ...
From the Mouths of Sadists
2 months ago
As we fall back through black holes and irises scorned Heaven crumbles among us Was this His plan? Were we forsaken? Left to wither out like embers from the mouths of sadists We degrade ourselves Muti...