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By Natalie Marie Stefani Rice


I still think you're sexy

Just so you know.

I watch your muscles in the sun flex and tighten.

My pussy tightens up.

I feel myself drench.

I squirt in my panties.

The sweat runs slowly down your arms.

Your back glistens.

My juices run down my thighs.

You make me quiver.

You make me sweat.

Your tattoos shine from your sweat and I want to lick them.

I want to trace them with my tongue.

I want to feel your tongue on my neck, licking me, tasting me.

Put your tongue in my mouth.

Put your hard cock in my mouth, tasting you.

In my pussy tasting me.

It's pulsating for you.

Pulsating for your dick.

You whisper and tell me that you want to put your dick inside me so deeply, this sends me to the edge.

I love when you talk filthy to me.

I explode when you press your mouth on my clit and tell me what a bad girl I have been.

You blow on my clit, massaging my clit.

When you're not around all I do is think about it.

You know what she needs.

You know want she yearns for.

Your cock deep inside filling up my pussy and pumping me softly.

Then pounding me so fucking hard the neighbors hear my moans.

They know you're at it again.

Your bad boy reputation gets all the girls wet.

You're candy baby.

They already know I can't get enough of you.

Lingering sweat on my forehead,

Exhausted from the annihilation.

I press my thighs together to squeeze out more juice.

Juice dripping down the inside of my thighs.


You, when you're not around all I think about is you.

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