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Why Are They Less Than Ideal?

There shouldn't be a choice between being yourself and having many options for your future.

Ancient tactics transfer to another century:

"Let's encourage fear to glue us into power.

Fear leads to silence.

Silence keeps them from fighting back.

What harm exists?"

Those who dare show true light through their cracks

Have more roads to travel down closed off

Than those who are truly ideal to "White Diamonds"

Or killing their smiles

By suffocating in duct tape

In order to keep their light unknown to others.

Speak to that person without knowing their special truth

And you understand all that exits their lips.

They give you their special truth to unwrap

And they suddenly speak in tongues untaught?

Too much duct tape and not enough paths to travel down

Might not just erase a "less-than-ideal",

But will erase a whole person.

Arnold Spirit ventures to a better school

And his true strength no longer cowers.

Winnie-the-Pooh starts as "girl" and answers to "boy"

And he is beloved by generations.

Ants discover their potential grasshoppers hid from them

And their fear gets fed by birds.

If they can have bright futures in their worlds,

Why can't the same be said

For the "less-than-ideals" of our world

When what they are punished for

Is having their labels from birth

Fall off on their own?

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Why Are They Less Than Ideal?
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