Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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Becoming Your Foe
19 hours ago
There's a threat on the horizon. Infinite mass or infinitesimal, I must erase the progress it makes. Weapons are grouped together, Reforces multiply, I start to feel... different, But it'll probably d...
10120012 (Song)
9 days ago
If I had 10120012 Dollars, I would sort our boy right out. For with 10120012 Dollars, he would cease to cry or pout. With 10120012 Dollars, he could turn a trade. Yes, with 10120012 Dollars, in his fu...
Scapegoats Everywhere
12 days ago
If a leader is always to blame, Us Charlie Browns must claim pyramid tips That easily wave to the clouds and sun. Ironically, the closest we are to the taste of power, Is when mistakes are poured on o...
One Man Stand ("Second Chance" Parody)
13 days ago
V1. My brain is big and wide And by the way My experiment failed today. Skipper's rage climbs so high And by the way This isn't a game to play. Bridge. I just saw a meteor shower tonight Epiphany come...
The Eyes of a Fanguin
13 days ago
Fanguin. A strange word for some. It means being the fan of a show That is a strange show to some: Penguins of Madagascar! To me, being a fanguin is not just liking the show. Being a fanguin is being ...
Yanked From Childhood
16 days ago
I have been yanked out of my childhood. What was once sunny blindness Turns into hurricanes when I'm given glasses of reality. My illusions: death being a stranger 'till old age, Desires being easy to reach, But most of all, thinking parents will stay together. After years of internal screams being fluent to me and my mother, I saw my dad, the beast-marked of my family, disappear reluctantly and question his future, Yet attempt to reach out to me, But I know my brother and I are only his bridges...