Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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Teacher's Pain
8 days ago
Why feel? Why shove a burden on another's chest? Why assign them with an obligation To multiply emotions from you When you know that they're not sincere? When one friend will suffocate you At a moment...
Journey to Womanhood
10 days ago
Hello there. I see you've desired to be a big girl. Exhaustion and annoyance blossomed on you As people bestowed you with the label "kid." If you follow me, All those days will be a transparent memory...
Creatively Gayer
a month ago
Roman danced around the mind Rainbow flag choked in his grip As he paints his surroundings in gay And sings a mellifluous shade of love Bringing Thomas iridescent pictures Of ways for the world To wel...
Power of Penmanship
a month ago
Everyone is born with a voice. Some escape through the mouth with ease Without a need for serpentine and struggle. Others have voices shoved back to the heart By either a road block at the mouth Or a ...
Biracial Tug-Of-War
a month ago
Within me, There's a never-ending game of tug-of-war. One team makes a blinding impact One team seems more nightly. I venture into Starbucks And the longer I'm there The more Team Blinding strengthens. One day, I feast my ears, With notes that rap around in my head And Team Nightly takes the hypertrophy. I craft or request a salad in front of me Team Blinding gets boosted Only for Team Nightly to shine like the stars When I savor the consumption of poultry. Chris Rock will cheerlead Team Nightly...
Music on a Walk
a month ago
Some steps out the door, Some taps on the phone, Stick the buds, And I'm content alone. The sounds that soothe their way in my ears, Although doesn't steal my attention From where my feet are venturin...