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When You Want to Give In

Growth of Your Soul

When you want to give in

And the easy route is a sin

It's time to begin

The growth of your soul

when your willpowers down

your donning a frown

and you want to leave town

thats how you take control

the disease that is around

it pounds and it drowns

just listen to the sound

of your heart saying persist

you might feel like you’ll break

and it's all you can take

your slowly wishing to make

a way out, I say resist!

I insist you push

now I want to explain

because I would refrain

from using this for every situation

these moments come when you have the ability to choose which path to take

short or long term ease

and I am always pleased with the latter

I don't always have a choice

Some moments are thrown on and all you can do is wait

But when life hands you an option you can decide your fate.

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When You Want to Give In
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