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This Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

By Cheryl Chastain

You’ve changed my whole world

from the first miraculous flutter

I knew we would have a bond like no other

Thank you for giving me a greater purpose

The most terrifying love entered my heart when I first held you in my arms

It consumed my soul and altered my mind

I was quite surprised by how quickly you captured my existence

With your angelic smile while waving two tiny fists

I sometimes don’t understand how I ever got to be so lucky as to have you in my life

I often close my eyes in prayer humbled in appreciative thought

I see you now growing before me

The memories may fade away or even leave

But when I see your tender heart shining through your eyes I know you’re still my sweet baby, you’ll always be mine

Although you may go through many changes

I know your strong character will allow you to learn from mistakes and land on courageous

My love for you is so endless

You may never fully comprehend it

The closest you might get to realizing the depth of my feelings

Is if one day you have a child of your own

Looking up at you with the uncanny intensity reserved only for wide eyed infants

My wish for you is simply this

I hope you follow your heart on your life’s journey

find joy in loving one another and also I want you to remember

I am right here

my love unconditional

Always and Forever


Your Loving Mother

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This Mother’s Love
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