Cheryl Chastain

I’m just a woman who writes by day and paints by night to cope with this thing called life.

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Pretty Birds
5 days ago
Flutter by the window pane Yours and mine again and Again Red one, brown one, blue little flutterbys Twitter chirping wake 'em up lullabies They start the day with a song in the sunshine Still they si...
New Home
5 days ago
I started hanging family pictures today with a song in my mind and happiness of heart That feeling did not last long I sat down slow, struggled to breathe surrounded by the feeling the everything is d...
The Lie of Hopelessness
5 days ago
I didn’t clean the house again I didn’t even get up I wasn’t a good mom today The guilt overwhelmed me anyway I didn’t care to be a daughter, sister, or anybody’s friend Just another day of being noth...
Silver Lining
6 days ago
You can only give someone so much forgiveness before it becomes foolishness Wrap your brain around your heart and remind that thing that there is no one as exceptional as you your journey is just begi...
6 days ago
We can’t always control things that’s true but you can handle everything about you You can control who you give of your love you can even keep it inside like your secret when push comes to shove It fe...
The Coward
6 days ago
Which one is the real you? The cruel guy threatening and cold or the one that once held my hand while we crossed the road Are you the guy tearing me down happy to leave me with nothing or the one hold...