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The Window of My Heart

The truth is within.

Take a look through the window, won't you come on in

I open my heart, so you can take a spin.

Leave the mind behind and take a ride

See the glory of what you can be.

I am a rich guy, although I have no money

My heart is full of love from all those who care to give.

You can have it all, you have only to ask.

But you can't receive unless you learn to let go.

This life doesn't have much to teach you,

The joy always come from within.

Take your time to just feel it

And in that moment you will be free from your sin.

Open your eyes while your eyelids are shut,

See the truth that stands before you but lingers within.

You are not weak for giving in.

Only the brave dare go to that place,

Somewhere all people seem to fear with dread.

You will learn that this is the only place,

Where you will feel truly loved by all living things.

Come now and lay in my arms

And I will take you to the place you thought you’ve never been.

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The Window of My Heart
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