Started writing in 2009 when I had time on my hands after getting made redundant from my job. Now it is a hobby, something I can enjoy and play about with.

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21 days ago
I see the way you struggle each day The acts that are said and done I see the hope that is in your eye The battles that are lost and won The daily grind that gets you down The joy of love in your hear...
Sallow Mind
3 months ago
As the branches bend, so I bend for you Pulling you from your sullen view Looking down into your phone, face sallow and drawn from what you see Death and decay fills your mind as the news reports more...
Why Give During Christmas
3 months ago
Is Christmas too commercialised With its penchant for retail Is it less religious As we forget why we celebrate What would bring home The true Christmas spirit What do we need to change To make it all...
Christmas on the Streets
3 months ago
It's Christmas time and here I sit waiting for the snow I'm wearily watching people walking to the show Bright lights and shopping malls everywhere you look The minister in his church, reading the goo...
Change Your View
3 months ago
A day, a week, a month, a year, what time has to pass before change is sought. What investment we make to the happiness we seek, when will we know what is enough. We gather the things that do not last...
What Stirs Us
3 months ago
When the water stills, do you feel the truth? Are you inspired by the mirror image left on the surface? Or do you see the depths and the wonder of what is? The ripple in the water takes its form and g...