Started writing in 2009 when I had time on my hands after getting made redundant from my job. Now it is a hobby, something I can enjoy and play about with.

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Witness the Dusk
3 days ago
The evening shadows move around me as I watch the setting sun The warm vestiges of daylight caress my face just before its gone It the pinnacle of the day, as the golden shower turns to dusk Tranquili...
4 days ago
My hearts racing like a motor My head's spinning with desire Muscles ready for the testing Warmed up like a fire The trial starts The game is on I’m ready for it Whatever is thrown Gimme some space An...
Looking Back
5 days ago
Is it wrong to wander through life’s journey Not striving to make a worthwhile mark To have no goal or pious worth Or make one muse “he was a thinking man” I have earned no medal or battle won No self...
Paint Pot Eyes
6 days ago
Oh the colour of emerald green Tis so pure I ever have seen My legs go weak when they look at me The look of my one true love. Oh the colour of beautiful brown From your eyes it can be found I am lost...
Losing Your Way
7 days ago
While in the moment you fail to see. Your surroundings whatever they be. Just take a moment to reflect. Where you are and what you’ve said. Do not reflect on the age you are. Or what troubles you near...
8 days ago
Take me away and let me dream of meadows resplendent in the warm summer sun. Take my mind into a frivolous daydream left to meander in whichever course prevails. Take my sleeping spirit into a land of...