Started writing in 2009 when I had time on my hands after getting made redundant from my job. Now it is a hobby, something I can enjoy and play about with.

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Take Your Time Now
2 months ago
Oh sweet darling I see you walk the Human race Carrying the load from the garbage you pick up Who are you trying to save? Oh what a task you are trying to face Don’t despair and waste your living brea...
Take a Breath and Look Within
3 months ago
When your day has been mad and hectic And the light is looking dim Just find yourself a place to stop Take a breath and look within The abuse may come thick and fast It almost feels a sin Don’t think ...
A Poem for a Poem
3 months ago
I listen to the whisper of beauty as it courses through my mind A delectable nuance of words feeding my soul They verberate as the meaning expands within And then opens the emotions like a river from ...
3 months ago
To quench a real thirst There is one beer I turn to first It's the delectable liquid nectar From the brewery we all get set to Go and be merry while drinking a brew The best drink you could make from ...
The Body in Life
3 months ago
My life is like water finding its way through a beautiful countryside Meandering with a curving flow, graceful in form and body And when I resist it erodes its way through, though the block be hard as...
The Daily Life of an Office Worker
3 months ago
I seek tranquility in the chaos of my daily life. My mind is pushed like the trees in a hurricane, bending to the will of its driving force. When the day is done I rest, spent of all energy. I focus m...