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The Ringing in My Ears

Bites tongue, shock sinuses, fog sound. Be a monkey on the shelf. Or speak.

It’s in my ears

And then it’s in the room

Like headphones slipping out of the jack

That shot of fear

In the second and a half or so

It takes to realize what has transpired

And resolve it before judgement descends

It’s in my ears

And then it’s in the room

Like the voice that isn’t yours

Coming out of the monitor at karaoke

Why is this voice so unfamiliar?

And why is it so out of tune?

Because it’s safe in my ears

And vulnerable in the room

So small and far away

Exposed to the cold air

It’ll catch its death for sure

And there was so much hope

That it would live

But it was in my ears

And now it’s in the room

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The Ringing in My Ears
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