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The Fine Print

In the Dark of the World Wood

image: Free-Photos, source: pixabay.com, license: CC0

Flying wildly through foliage

Through the spruce and the fir

Through the eternal green

A dark figure evades my glimpse

Eyes wild and kind

Dark and intoxicating

Wrapped in shadow

Is it man or animal or both?

Is it none?

Effervescent halos sing through treetops

Bird song echoes the timbre of creation

A deep resonance

The fine print

A contract woven in my DNA

I follow, swinging wildly

Pursuing breathlessly until my heart bursts

All that is illusion is not misleading

The wild wood makes me bow low

The wild eyes beckon me on

The pure sky puts a lock on my tongue

The dark eyes have healing hands

All hail the unKing!

A spark in the internal void

A beam of insight

A chance meeting with the stranger

In the dark of the world wood

An untame place

A mystery

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JA Laflin
JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin loves the metro areas as well as the beautiful Oregon scenery. They run a small publishing company and have authored fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and dabbled extensively in music and the arts.

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The Fine Print
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