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The Bench

The Bench

I sat there. I sat on that bench all alone. I sat in the rain. You always told me to find my safe space... and I found it In you. But you are no longer here so now I sit, I sit on this bench all alone. Sometimes I sit and cry, sometimes I sit and laugh, sometimes I fall asleep on this bench the way I would fall asleep on you. The bench is my happy place. I lay on my bench and see the same stars, wondering if you’re looking up too. I run from my problems, I run to my bench, I look around me. I hear birds, I feel the rain on my face, I watch the vibrant free trees blow in the wind.. I walk farther than I usually do and I see my bench only it is not my bench but a clone of my bench. Then I realize it was never my bench it was just a bench. A bench that sat and saw the world from its own perspective, that had secrets and stories. A bench that witnessed the beautiful of the world and the ugly and is still standing. Someday I hope to be like the bench. I hope I see all the bad and all the good. I hope I go throw horrible storms and still have the strength to hold people. How strong is your bench? 

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The Bench
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