Chloe Gilholy

Author of 9 books (including Drinking Poetry & Fishman) and over 300 stories across many genres. 

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Heroine of Our Time
5 months ago
She smiles in the corner Pen behind her ear Book by her chin She’ll grow up Cool and cunning Surrounded by wealth She’s poor now But spiritually Is a millionaire She studies women History never forget...
Troll to Doll
5 months ago
Did you hear about that troll from the mountains? You’ll know when you see her diving in waterfalls. Blonde pigtails wrapped in a green ribbon And toenails shaped as swords Never seen without wearing ...
Purple Shines Bright
8 months ago
Myself and the world wish you the greatest birthday you ever had, and even greater ones to come. Thank you for the smiles, and for giving light to the new generation when the future seems bleak. Thank...
Drowned in Scandals
9 months ago
Whilst we're drowned in scandals, that OUR neighbours succumb to darkness. We find ourselves in it too. Full of black clouds and dust, It's easy to think that we are alone. Following the rays from the other side, I escape one maze and fall into another. Roasted by the sun, melting to the floor. Chilled by the moon, body tangled. The nature that we love also kills us. We see our neighbours as rivals. We see our doorsteps as borders. Simple things scare me Despite once climbing mountains, Imprinti...
Robots Have Feelings
9 months ago
Crawling inside the dustbin, I wonder who will die first: Me or my friends. "We're just machines," they said. "Products of science." We have no purpose. What is our purpose? Why were we created? If we were born to die? So this is what a monster looks like. The race that made us also wants us dead, For the name of entertainment. Artificial intelligence: Doomsday for humanity. Hence why we have this show. Game of Mass Destruction On this tranquil island. Our hunger for life drives us. We use what ...
13 Days of Halloween
a year ago
On the first day of Halloween Dracula gave to me: And a casket in an organ! On the second day of Halloween Dracula gave to me: Two white dresses, And a casket in an organ! On the third day of Hallowee...