Chloe Gilholy

Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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13 Days of Halloween
2 months ago
On the first day of Halloween Dracula gave to me: And a casket in an organ! On the second day of Halloween Dracula gave to me: Two white dresses, And a casket in an organ! On the third day of Hallowee...
The Feeling
2 months ago
Whilst we're drowned in scandals, that OUR neighbours succumb to darkness. We find ourselves in it too. Full of black clouds and dust, It's easy to think that we are alone. Following the rays from the...
I Miss It
3 months ago
I miss it - the madness! Who would have thought, That I, so desperate to escape, extreme hunger for sanity, that doesn't exist embraces velvet insanity I had goals - the boredom I stopped the faucet a...
3 months ago
An overload of information, in one ear and out the other scattered all over the place like flakes of dust. The dead flies decaying on the ground... are the happy thoughts forgotten. Anxious to ask the...
A Fiver
6 months ago
A fiver can get you a book without an ending. It will never be sad, but it will never be happy. Cliffhangers after cliffhangers are a bookworm's arch nemesis. A fiver can get you some sparkling trinke...
a year ago
#metoo It's just one hashtag It's just two words It tells many tales Wipes many tears Another national treasure Brought to shame They're just like you Feasting in the streets Joking that they cheat With fictional ten-year-old girls Nice lies, eh? She's a whore! She's a drug addict! She cheated on me! Boo hoo! "I found someone better!" Good for you! Always looking for a way to make me suffer That's what you like always picking fights with maidens cause you can't win against knights act like you'r...