Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a care assistant from Oxfordshire with a passion for writing, travelling and gaming. Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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A Fiver
2 months ago
A fiver can get you a book without an ending. It will never be sad, but it will never be happy. Cliffhangers after cliffhangers are a bookworm's arch nemesis. A fiver can get you some sparkling trinke...
7 months ago
#metoo It's just one hashtag It's just two words It tells many tales Wipes many tears Another national treasure Brought to shame They're just like you Feasting in the streets Joking that they cheat With fictional ten-year-old girls Nice lies, eh? She's a whore! She's a drug addict! She cheated on me! Boo hoo! "I found someone better!" Good for you! Always looking for a way to make me suffer That's what you like always picking fights with maidens cause you can't win against knights act like you'r...
Mr. Alphabet's Pets
7 months ago
Alligators munch on broccoli behind the cabbage pack. Dark poisons in disguise; envy in their eyes. Frogs escape the fungus, greets the grapes, hops on herbs and ivy vines - jungle days are over! kiwi...
The Green Alphabet
8 months ago
Avocado alligators munching on apples. Celery bugs discover broccoli. Celadon cactus above the cabbage pack. Dark diabolical poisons in disguise; Emerald envy in their eyes. Forest frogs escape the fu...
25 Years
8 months ago
25 years of marriage Even wearing bulky armour And having a dash of moonlight I'm always the runner-up Mist beneath the smoky embers Atomic number: 47 Toxic heavy metal Sterling iron mountains Baby hi...
Google Translate With Shakespeare
9 months ago
William Shakespeare is one of the very few writers in the world that has remained relevant even centuries after his death. His famous work has been adapted many times and his use of words have been co...