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That Kiss


This kiss I waited for 

It felt like forever 

We was all cute and cuddled at our favorite spot 

And I asked are you ever going to kiss me

You said nope so I kiss you cheek instead and you said that's all the kissing I would get

So a few weeks past and we made a date

A different date one to where I can kiss those lips

Been three months that I waited and I was scared to death

On the drive you talked about you past

Comes to find out you just have been popped kissed

You was as scared as I was to kiss you 

The funny thing is when we got there 

You asked so do we get naked now 

I said no I would like to kiss you first 

He was sheltered he didn't know he to be

So I told him to lay down and cuddle me 

Looking at him face to face I asked

I asked can I kiss you yet

He said you waited long enough and put his hand around my cheek brought me in 

And ever so softly kissed me that moment then his was the only set of lips I wanted to kiss 

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Sheena Ann
Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel ...so I do I write about what has happened since...it comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

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That Kiss
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