Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel I do I write about what has happened comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

The Call
3 days ago
As I lay my head down on my pillow the thoughts of you flowing back to me nights with you so peaceful and sweet the days of waking up in your arms I miss them also I think of that voice That laugh man...
Tough Love
9 days ago
The true meaning of tough love Love is such a twisted thing some people use it for gain while others wear it on their sleeve but love can be a dangerous thing But love should be a selfless act not to ...
The Show
2 months ago
To love and to have it lost but who will the girl you left remain You said before you were looking for the girl without the mask and the performance Once you got her you left her standing in the spotl...
3 months ago
who do you wanna be its the question you always hear when you are a kid but how? when you are so small how do you know but that question always come back when you get older also do you wanna be that p...
3 months ago
Have you ever looked at the stars with someone you love the feeling you get with their arms around you just looking at the beauty of it all and you will never forget that feeling that memory will last...
The Time Is Now
4 months ago
When is the time that you know that your voice is not getting heard That the words are there but have no meaning You can say a million things And not have a word said back When Will you were presence ...