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Sprained Ankle

You get what you wish for.


I'm in the emergency room right now

My leg in a cast held up in the air somehow

And now that I get to rest

I feel really stressed 

So I think about how my fall was painful

But yet I realized how it looked graceful

Like a figure skater skating

Or a ballerina dancing

First my brother chased me

I broke from his grip and ran free

To the basement laundry room

Then to my doom

I glided 

Then came the dryer and we collided

That's when it gets risky

And I do a beautiful 360

And fall

My ankle starts to swell

Starting at a puddle of water

My sister asks what's the matter

My eyes fill with tears

And scream so everyone in the house can hear

My mother runs down the stairs

My sister said who cares

Then we all break out laughing

Despite the fact I think my bone is cracking

I remember two days ago

I wanted to break my toe

But even better, my ankle's sprained

So right now I'm pained

Sitting in the emergency room right now

My leg in a cast held up in the air somehow

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Sprained Ankle
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