blazina love

I always needed a space to share and write. I'm not very good at keeping journals and I feel as if I've lost touch with my creative side. Thank you for supporting me and reading my works. Art is complex. This is my art and I hope you enjoy.

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a year ago
Pray. Cry tears for those who’ve fallen Lost souls among us Tortured fire flamed within No oxygen just fear Trembling fingers Hope. No one hears Brisk winds set us ablaze Dust, ash, grey, isolation Ab...
Sprained Ankle
a year ago
I'm in the emergency room right now My leg in a cast held up in the air somehow And now that I get to rest I feel really stressed So I think about how my fall was painful But yet I realized how it loo...
a year ago
Perched on a rock as still as a statue Waiting for the moon to shine Her pack behind her Waiting, watching like a crowd of children Waiting for an ice cream truck The sunset is like a chest of gold Sl...