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Southwest Flight 54

Written on March 9, 2019

Photo Courtesy of 3D-Environments

I’m just waiting in the airport

For a flight I’m not sure will come

My eyes are drowsy, I want to die

And I wish I was in her arms

I look around the terminal

Filled with tired people and staff

I want to just grow wings and fly

In order to have her back

My white pants are slowly growing stains

As the minutes keep passing by

I have a month in Cali to go

Why didn’t I stay with her, why?

We could’ve seen the snow melt

We could’ve seen flowers bloom

And dance under the twinkling stars

To an old Brian May tune

But I still have my semester

In good old California

I can’t wait to leave this state

Because I will not miss ya

And then I will be back there

And in her loving embrace

Away from Southwest Flight 54

And the horrors of my home place 

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Southwest Flight 54
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