Julia Gay

More of a YouTube girl, but I want to share my written work.

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4 months ago
I used to feel oh, so alone And when you came, my life's shadow Was blasted away to the stars Lighting up my dull life Your diamond eyes made me see How exciting the world can be Your graceful self sh...
Southwest Flight 54
5 months ago
I’m just waiting in the airport For a flight I’m not sure will come My eyes are drowsy, I want to die And I wish I was in her arms I look around the terminal Filled with tired people and staff I want ...
Lullaby for Amanda
6 months ago
The sun set long ago, my dear and it's time to go to bed though you would stay up for years to simply kiss my forehead But, my dear, there's tomorrow and we can take a walk then to forget about your p...
Untitled Poems
6 months ago
Written in Summer 2018
Letter to Kathleen
6 months ago
I recall that time five years ago When you captured me and stole the show Your shy blue eyes captivated me And made me think that we were to be The best of friends But, after two years, what happened ...