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Sorry for You

Abandoned Family #VocalNPM

Cheryl Chastain 

It's amazing how you pretend your life is your own

You don't even know who you are

you traded a real treasure for a cheap chain that rusts in bad weather

I try to put myself in your shoes waking up day after day, working to come home to an empty place and waking up to silence, no laughter or chatter, and nothing that really matters

I hope you can figure things out and try again for a life worth living

On second thought maybe you are happy with your material things and no family connection

So my hope is just that I can forgive you and stop wishing you weren’t so shallow by my own definition

You are who you are there’s no accounting for potential

I will always be sorry for you, and I get that you don’t understand me even a little bit

Looking back on your actions I'm sure you are happy with the life you created and so from now on I promise I won't worry, dwell, or fret on it.

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Sorry for You
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