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Something Wrong in the Head

A Poem on a Controversial Topic

You may not agree

But I'm for LGBT.

I'm sorry your "God"

Didn't "make" people that way.

I'm sorry that they

Aren't your typical cliché.

Just because "God"

Didn't make them straight,

Doesn't mean

They don't deserve the same fate.

You say you will still show them love,

But when push comes to shove:

"I don't respect their choice,

I don't agree with their words,

They must have something wrong in the head."

Those are things you have said.

If I were bisexual,

Would we still be?

If I had split personalities,

Three girls and one boy,

Would we still be?

I don't see the difference

And it pisses me off,

That I can have a mental illness,

Curable or not,

And we'd still be together

With barely a thought.

But "God" forbid

They've got something wrong in the head.

          Like a mental illness,

          Something wrong in the head.

          But apparently there's a difference

          If I'd liked both genders instead,

          Because they've got something wrong in the head.

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Something Wrong in the Head
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