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So Tell Me Now

Flower Child Collection

So tell me now...

How do you tell your mother that we have just gone our separate ways?

Or how do you accept the reality of it for yourself?

Like we were everything, thick as thieves, best friends, you could have fooled me.

poor fool, playing a game when it was designed for no rules.

I guess that was me just being naive.

Looking past the red flags and accepting them as your flaws.

You only accepted mine when it was time to drop them drawls.

literal but not literally,

I know that was genuinely motives

but I notice I was there to fill voids and meet the quotas of your emptiness.

Try filling up a cup to the rim when at the bottom there’s a hole in it.

But i didn’t hold you up to that.

and in the end i know it was my fault,

should never loved someone that still learning to be complete.

you say you not good for yourself, how you gone be good enough for me?

And i require a lot of little shit that you seem to be incapable of inhabiting now.

what changed?

where's your crown?

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So Tell Me Now
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