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Shay's Song (White Widow)

Bedroom Challenges Ground Zero

August 2019

Life is a ladder

Floating in space

And it doesn't matter

Cause it's not a race

I like being alone

That's my home 

Except it still hurts when no one picks up the phone...

But I'm having the time of my life no worries tonight

I'm thinking we start up a fire everything is alright

Said I'm having the time of my life, no worries tonight

If every one can get together we're gonna make use of this life

I just found the meaning

Of my own life

And I think I just might

Make her my wife

That is the official end, but as per request of my friend Shay, there is a special edition of this song featuring a rap. Here it is, go wild.

"Girl I miss you so must just being your boyfriend.

I need some kisses from my misses all over the place

cause your warm embrace is all it takes.

Having you in my life is a big win except if we end up with Netflix and Children."

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Shay's Song (White Widow)
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