Zachary Boulanger

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Zachary Boulanger is a Canadian musician currently based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. He studies music at Dalhousie University. Zach's debut EP and album are set to be released in early 2020. 

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In Deep
5 days ago
Not too little not too much I really need to feel your touch I feel your words like restless butterflies, but what I want is written in your eyes. Oh I'm in deep with this one that's for sure! I can't...
Bedroom Challenges
5 days ago
The following I wrote after nearly completing my debut album and decided to publish a book. Bedroom Challenges is set to be released in early 2020. The concept is to first be a poetry book with one ha...
I Almost Had You (Strawberry Sherbet)
5 days ago
And I almost had you for good And I kinda wish that I could go back and change it And I don't hate you at all, like you thought I would In fact it's quite the opposite you know we're good. But the fee...
Shay's Song (White Widow)
9 days ago
August 2019 Life is a ladder Floating in space And it doesn't matter Cause it's not a race I like being alone That's my home Except it still hurts when no one picks up the phone... But I'm having the ...
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
9 days ago
August 12, 2019... ...Since you've come around I've been driving with my windows down Since you've come around I've caught myself without a frown Since you've come around I truly feel like I am free o...
9 days ago
May 2019 It was only a matter of time. Fight after fight night after night. Was it ever even right? If I was always wrong, there was no way we'd belong I left her and moved on to someone new. Oh my Go...