Problem Solving

This poem is about helping those around you ​but forgetting about your own needs.

I am a problem-solver.

I take on the problems of others.

And try to guide them in life.

I try to help those around me

Not be blind to the truths I see.

I spend my waking hours trying to help others.

I spend my nights fighting my own demons.

I have no one to guide me.

I am my own guide in life.

I see others' truths clearer than my own.

I need to explore outside the box.

I need to focus on myself.

I am emotionally drained by the demons of those close to me.

I blindly walk this path

Leaving breadcrumbs for those around me

While I starve to death and am weak.

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Amanda Zylstra
Amanda Zylstra

Skincare and Beauty Product Obsessed! I have a passion for Korean Skincare, and Unique Makeup items. Goth at heart and passionate about Subculture Fashions and Beauty Products. I am a Cat Lover, Poetry Writer, Tea Drinker, and Music Lover. 

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Problem Solving
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