Amanda Zylstra

Cat Lover, Poetry Writer, Tea Drinker, Skincare and Beauty Product Obsessed. Check out my poetry collection "Passing Skeletons" available on Amazon.

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Peeling Sanity
10 months ago
Sanity peels from the walls like old yellow wallpaper. It gets stuck under our fingernails, And distorts our fingerprints. This old house is ugly to others, Only I can see it's inner beauty. Things th...
Attract What You Want
10 months ago
Attract what you want. By being what you want. I want people who don't hold back in my life. Those who have passion. Those I don't have to walk on eggshells around. Women willing to stand their ground...
Piano Dave
10 months ago
Dave whispers to black kittens outside piano repair shops in the sky. His soul floats covered in black fur. Fur shed from his feline friends in heaven. He now belongs to a land where pianos are not le...
Letting Go
10 months ago
Letting go of bad feelings. Allowing those who were suffocating underwater to breathe on the surface. Allowing my feelings to float away into the sky like a red balloon released by a child. My childho...
Saint Carol
10 months ago
She cusses like a sailor man and has a mind filled with honesty. Her words may seem harsh but in her soul, she means no harm. Saint Carol. Humans are harder to communicate with than cats. She question...
Writing Is My New Drug
10 months ago
Writing is my new drug. It's a place I can turn to, When I am in need. When I want to drown my sorrows, And need something less destructive to focus on. Writing is my free therapist. It's a place open...