At Her Coronation

Artwork credit to soolilo

Pomegranate juice running down her chin

Ebony eyelashes growing wet with tears


She has been deceived

Even as the bright, bittersweet tang

Plies her ruby-stained tongue with confusion, as

Hades closes in, shrouding her shoulders with his

Onyx cloak, pressing his cold, 

Nerveless body against hers in an

Eerily authentic display of what he may truly believe is love

It's very difficult to make an acrostic 100 words long, so here's a little outro for you. I was inspired to write this because I decided that the P in my alias stands for Persephone. It's a strangely beautiful name, too pretentious (in my humble opinion) to actually give to a child, and yet impossible to dismiss. Ta ta, for now.

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